PROJECT 1: Education

Because education is power, Mwamba Foundation seeks to transform individuals and communities in Kenya by enhancing education through:

a) Youth Education Scholarships: We offer scholarships to needy students from poor backgrounds. (Visit the Youth Education Scholarship page for more information)
b) Annual Youth retreats: Every year, sponsors from the U.S.A come to Kitale to hold a retreat for Mwamba students. During the retreat, students participate in workshops designed for healthy development in faith, interpersonal relations, and personal growth.

PROJECT 2: Leadership Development

We believe that visionary leadership is key to appropriate and sustainable human development. Mwamba Foundation strives to strengthen the knowledge and professional capacity of lay leadership.

PROJECT 3: Women Development

Because women play a vital role in the development of African societies, Mwamba Foundation seeks to equip and empower them by enhancing their skill through:
a) Advocacy and awareness campaign programs against early marriages and female genital mutilation

PROJECT 4: Future and Special Projects

Our future plan is to build Mwamba School that would create a conducive environment for our students and allow for christian values to be instilled in our sponsored children’s lives. In special cases Mwamba Foundation permits a donor to choose a project they wish to sponsor (outside those stated above), as long as it benefits the people of Kenya.

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