Because education is power, Mwamba Foundation seeks to transform individuals and communities in Kenya by enhancing education.

Mwamba Foundation offers education scholarships to needy boys (25%) and girls (75%) of high school education . It costs $400.00 per year per student and correspondance with sponsored youth is available.

(Visit the Partnership page for more details on correspondance).

Selection Process

This is usually done through the invaluable help of pastors and village elders, and government representatives such as chiefs.

Selection criteria

The scholarship is awarded to children from exteremely poor families. 75% of the scholarships are awarded to the girl child mainly because the girl child is usually given second priority in an African family.

Student Intake

Student intake for high school sponsorship begins in January.

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Mobile or Cell Number: 011 254 735 761 746, +254 735 960 101, +254 723 218 461